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Tree Services in Madison, WI

Top-Tier Tree Service in Madison

Are your trees beginning to look sickly?

Do you have unsightly stumps in your yard?

Has the storm damaged a tree on your property?

Madison Tree and Stump is the premiere Tree Industry expert in the Madison, WI area. We have skilled arborists that have been trained in all manner of tree care particular to our geographic area. We develop relationships with our customers that tend to last from the purchase of their first home through helping them build the tree house for their grandkids. Those relationships are established because we build trust by putting our clients first and demonstrating time and time again that we are the very best at what we do. The evidence is apparent through our track record of excellent customers service and the thorough array of services provided.

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Our services include but are not limited to:

Crown reduction: reducing the size of the crown which includes the area of branches lowest to the ground to the ones at the highest point of the tree. We reduce the leaders and the laterals resulting in a more compact tree

Crown Thinning: a method of pruning which involves taking some of the weight out of the tree by reducing some of the interior branches, resulting in a lighter looking appearance,similar to when a person has gone on a diet

Crown Cleaning: the removal of dead branches and foliage from the crown of the tree

Crown Raising: removal of some of the lower hanging branches and limbs that gives the crown the appearance of being lifted

Tree Trimming: a shaping up that allows the tree to maintain its natural form and beauty

Root Pruning: Removal of roots that are in danger of causing damage to existing structures or systems

Structural Pruning: pruning to help maintain the strength of the branch system.

Tree mitigation: actions taken to reduce hazards caused by the growth of the tree

Tree planting or transplanting: we can plant new trees or move your favorite tree from one place to another.

Compartmentalization: We can stop decay by removing the part of the tree that is at risk

Stump Grinding & Removal: We can remove the leftover stumps of trees by grinding them down into woodchips and then hauling them away

Storm damage clean up: after strong storms or high winds we will come to your properly and carefully remove hazardous debris including damaged limbs and branches. Limbs near power lines. Fallen or uprooted trees. Trees that may be leaning on you or your neighbor’s property. This can be very dangerous work that should be left to professionals.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured skilled technicians that will educate you about the best practices of tree maintenance. We will help you to make informed decisions from a position of knowledge and power. Our years of experience have allowed us to be able to spot things that others miss or misdiagnose.

We will always keep your best interests in mind. We always hear horror stories of a few guys in a pickup truck that whipped out their chainsaws and began to hack away at perfectly redeemable trees only to make an extra buck or two only to cause property owners thousands of dollars in damage and years of natural aesthetics and beauty. 50ft oak trees don’t grow back overnight and the sting of knowing that you have been conned by two bit hustlers is a lesson that won’t soon allow you to have a peaceful night sleep.

There have been several instances when we have been able to preserve seemingly dead, dying or decaying trees that others simply decide to cut down because either they don’t know or don’t care. It takes the skill, passion, and determination of specialists such as ourselves to know when, where, and why we should cut, prune, cleanse.

Your landscape is a valuable part of your property that we will treat as such with proper care and reverence for nature and preserving the natural beauty of your land. Call us first to avoid being overcharged or pressured into hasty incorrect decisions. We will do it right the first time and we look to build a relationship with our clients as we advocate on behalf of preserving the most pristine environment that is humanly possible.

  • dependable
  • reliable
  • trustworthy
  • knowledgeable
  • patient
  • affordable
  • friendly

These are a few adjectives that have been attributed to us over the years and we aim to live up to them through our actions and performance. Call us today to experience it for yourself.

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